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0307- The last demo we've put up includes a sort of "showcase course" for Seraphine's basic abilities and later subweapons. After this, it's all a leadup to us making the final game.

We've managed to improve the appearance of Seraphine and her weapons, make the map more intuitive, and add a new ability to early-game midboss Shutendoji. In addition, we've fixed many bugs related to scene transitions, weapon and ability interactions, and dialogue triggers.

We plan to have the game at a $10 CDN price point, and we plan to finish it in either late 2016 or early 2017.

More screenshots, videos and other information to follow over the month of March. Enjoy the demo, and please inform us of any issues as we head for home plate.

1102- A whole new demo, the one displayed at Hal-Con 2015 (www.hal-con.com) is available for download!

Approximately 30 people came to my booth to observe and/or play my game, which was mostly well received at the convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Fixed bugs related to the gamepad (pause, dodging)
  • Added a new demo stage, the missile installation (A ground stage with an air stage boss)
  • Fixed some transition bugs that left event flags set when they were meant to be cleared.
  • Added new enemies (Narkissos, an item mimic with a timed explosive; Gorgon, a rapid-firing obstacle that can be forced to turn in another direction by shooting it; Minotaur, a sub-boss composed of a set of treads and an axe-firing upper body; Arachne (Ariadne currently, will change in next build); the boss of the stage that fires webs at a rapid rate).
  • Added a demo disclaimer and a credits screen to the introduction of the game. Both can be recalled in the title screen.

Stay tuned for weekly news updates to the development of the full game!

0913- This patch includes larger font and slight changes to dialogue. In addition, the sound used for the Drones, Force Field, and Surge Shot weapons has been raised in crescendo rate and sped up.

0911- This patch includes changed boss themes (except Rusalka and Shutendoji) and a pause menu bug fix that deals with an issue that caused the 'selected item' variable to overflow and go out of sync with the actual selected item.

In the year 2299 of the Galactic Standard Calendar, a host of invasive species descends on the colony planet Hera. You are Séraphine Letourneau, a test pilot for a major research and development company forced to join the fight after they invade during a routine test of an experimental flight suit. Challenge the enemy on the ground or in the air, gradually earning weapons, upgrades and defensive tools in the effort to save the planet in a top-down shooter/adventure hybrid inspired by games like The Guardian Legend, Zelda: A Link to the Past and Fester's Quest.

Z- Repeater
X- Fire special weapon 1 (choose special weapon 1 or equipment in pause menu)
C- Fire special weapon 2 (choose special weapon 2 or equipment in pause menu)
V- Fire special weapon 3 (choose special weapon 3 or equipment in pause menu)
Q-(Hold while moving to strafe and move slowly)
E-(Press while moving, or move while holding to dodge/dash. This has limited invulnerability)
Arrow keys- Move
Esc- Pause Menu
Ctrl- Quick Map
1- Save game
2- Load game
3- Key config

Equipment Types:
Weapons- Special weapons with limited ammo.
Crisis Triggers- Special tools that trigger effects once you're one hit from defeat (where your shield gauge is zero)
Dodge Tools- Special tools that add a property to your dodge.

Programming, music- Jordan Thomas (my name)
Quality Assurance, Concept Art, Story- Morgan Stride

Character, Logo and Icon design- Ken Potter

General Advice- Arseniy Desrosiers
Concept Art, Backgrounds- Teresa Sheriff, Amanda Arab
Enemy and NPC design- Ian Johnston
Tile art- @Whtdragon on Twitter (real name withheld at artist's request)


SS March 7 Final Demo.zip (49 MB)

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