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Windows updated to 2.345 (Post Shmuptember), Linux and Mac updates TBA.

Bugs fixed where some one-time dialogue triggers would crash on "Minimal" dialogue mode

Several chapter 4 bosses adjusted:

EX Izanami has 10000 hp instead of 15k, and EX Izanagi has 20000 hp instead of 15k.

EX Izanami no longer has the 360o arrow attack, and EX Izanagi no longer has the ability to teleport.

EX Izanagi's Tsubame Gaeshi counter ability animation now excludes all others while active (And to recap, it lasts 3 seconds. The first second simply blocks all damage. The other two seconds trigger the attack and end the stance.)

Latest version is flagged as version 2.345


Buy Now$2.62 CAD or more

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