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Pre-Early-Access Beta v.

(mirrored here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoAjdy3oLY3LmxAmRpdKn1gPchjR)

Edit: For those who have had the game crash after a game over, the update I added just now (Feb 3) should solve that handily. 

This is a beta of a game that will be launched in Early Access on March 30, 2019, at Island Entertainment Expo (www.islandexpo.com) in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. The game will be available for retail with all post-beta improvements and any others needed between now and then, for $5 Canadian.
If you have downloaded the beta and played the game, send an email to jordan.s.h.thomas@gmail.com with detailed feedback, or use betabound's link if approved (to be edited in in that same circumstance), and I will send you a free key for the game in early April, after the Island Entertainment Expo launch of the game.

In the year 2299 of the Galactic Standard Calendar, a host of invasive species descends on the colony planet Hera. You are Séraphine Letourneau, a test pilot for a major research and development company forced to join the fight after they invade during a routine test of an experimental flight suit. Challenge the enemy on the ground or in the air, gradually earning weapons, upgrades and defensive tools in the effort to save the planet in a top-down shooter/adventure hybrid inspired by games like The Guardian Legend, Zelda: A Link to the Past and Fester's Quest.

Z- Repeater

X- Fire special weapon 1 (choose special weapon 1 or equipment in pause menu)

C- Fire special weapon 2 (choose special weapon 2 or equipment in pause menu)

V- Fire special weapon 3 (choose special weapon 3 or equipment in pause menu)

Q-(Hold while moving to strafe and move slowly)

E-(Press while moving, or move while holding to dodge/dash. This has limited invulnerability)

Arrow keys- Move

Esc- Pause Menu

Ctrl- Quick Map

1- Quicksave

2- Quickload

3- Key config

4- Strafe Mode toggle (Hold/Release or press to switch strafing/slow movement on or off)

5- Music mode (16-bit or modernized, not done for all tracks at the time of the beta)

6- Toggle Full Screen/Windowed

7- Language Filter on/off (Meant for audiences with relevant restrictions)

8- Game Options

9- Save Game

0- Load Game

+ Increase volume by 10%

-  Decrease volume by 10%

Equipment Types: Weapons- Special weapons with limited ammo. Crisis Triggers- Special tools that trigger effects once you're one hit from defeat (where your shield gauge is zero) Dodge Tools- Special tools that add a property to your dodge.

Credits: Programming, music- Jordan Thomas (my name) Quality Assurance, Concept Art, Story- Morgan Stride

Character, Logo and Icon design- Ken Potter

General Advice- Arseniy Desrosiers
Concept Art, Backgrounds- Teresa Sheriff, Amanda Arab
Enemy and NPC design- Ian Johnston, Ken Potter
Tile art- @Whtdragon on Twitter (real name withheld at artist's request)


Steel Seraph Primary Build Beta Jan 2019.zip ( 86 MB
Steel Seraph Linux.tar.gz (outdated Linux demo) 75 MB
Steel Seraph Mac.zip (outdated Mac demo) 74 MB
Steel Seraph Act 1 Demo Official.zip (outdated Windows demo) 73 MB

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A reminder to all people who beta tested that my email is jordan.s.h.thomas@gmail.com. Direct all feedback there. I will respond with a link to an invitational discord.