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Steel Seraph (Early Access)

Resist the invasion of a futuristic colony planet with experimental flight tech and a growing arsenal. · By deepshock


Recent updates

1.7.0 Complete
Version 1.7.0 of #SteelSeraph is available on Windows and Linux, across #GameJolt , #ItchIO and Steam. Changes: -A new and improved HUD -Two act 4 sidequests (H...
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1.6.1 now available.
Windows, Linux and Mac updated to 1.6.1. Version may still show as 1.6.0, an admitted oversight. 1.6.1 Changes: At the fringes of scenes without direct transiti...
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1.6.0 now available (Windows- Nov 1, Linux- Nov 2, Mac in progress)
Windows now updated to 1.6.0. Linux and Mac changes to follow. November 1 (1.6.0) Changes: Act 4 prologue added (briefing before going into any stages.) Demeter...
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Archived news
For Linux users (July 20): On other storefronts there have been problems loading the game. I'm working vigorously on solving these problems and I'd appreciate t...
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Upcoming update
The latest the next update will be is in late October. The reason for this is that I plan to make major improvements on this game in gameplay, visuals and (in s...
1.5.1 available for Linux, Mac and Windows
Steel Seraph is half off until July 24, and available on Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, work is beginning on the fourth and final act right now. It will c...
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1.5.0 Linux available
The game is available for Linux. It bears mentioning that zooming will not work on the Linux build. All other functionality is present...
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