Upcoming update

The latest the next update will be is in late October. The reason for this is that I plan to make major improvements on this game in gameplay, visuals and (in some cases) music.

Seraphine and her weapons will move approximately 33% faster

I plan to have destructible rubble in some areas that can be taken down with any weapon.

Signposting will be improved in areas where it was found to be unclear. For example, at the start I intend to close off areas like the second and third floor of Fauconvert before Seraphine has taken out the Golem in District 13 (unless there are any objections to the idea.)

The Hera City theme will have a different instrument for its main melody, one that's a bit smoother.

Whole-scale war on bugs, even the most latent, hard to find ones there are. THE GAME WILL NOT BE UPDATED UNTIL THE BLACK BOX BUG IS CONFIRMED SQUASHED.

A continued call to streamers and reviewers who are interested in indie/early access/games from untested developers.

Thank you for your patience.

Improved gamepad functionality (Gamepad cancel/confirm will be separate from other button modes.)

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