1.6.0 now available (Windows- Nov 1, Linux- Nov 2, Mac in progress)

Windows now updated to 1.6.0. Linux and Mac changes to follow.

November 1 (1.6.0) Changes:

Act 4 prologue added (briefing before going into any stages.)

Demeter Battle changes

-Persephone health nerfed from 1000 to 500, speed nerfed from 20 to 15.

-Spore pods face the player and fire 3, rather than 5, bullets per second. They can fire from off screen, but the bullets are slow enough to dodge.

-Spore pod clouds form on spore pod death. If the spore pod times out rather than being destroyed by Seraphine, the post-death cloud radius doubles.

-Gas collision damage nerfed from 400 to 100 (10/24)

-Air mouse movement speed now matches regular air speed. (10/26)

Windigo changes

-Changed how the pre-Windigo scene works (interlude cooldown instead of page advances)

-Instead of immunity, half damage on weapons used too often

-Minimized animation timing inconsistencies both before and during battle.

Nymph changes

-Nerfed Kirin bullet speed (50 --> 30) (10/26)

-Disable mouse and halt mouse movement when the mouse is not onscreen (10/26)

-Allow both d-pad AND joystick movement in all stages. (10/26)

Minotaur arrows now clear on defeat.

-Nerfed Nymph health from 15k to 10k

-Nerfed Pragmatichorisis enthrallment hazard slightly (15% less when Seraphine has 0 shields)

-Psychikravgi telegraph moves around while charging, shakes screen and turns white when it activates.

-Nymph 80%+ enthrallment sound distortions now take the form of 10 different 'wrong' sounds.


-Seraphine and her weapons will move approximately 33% faster

-Signposting improved in areas where it was found to be unclear. For example, at the start Seraphine is warned to rescue the engineers if she attempts to enter the second floor of Fauconvert before she has taken out the Golem in District 13 .

-The Hera City theme has a different instrument for its main melody, one that's a bit smoother.

- Use Right Stick- On by default instead of off. (10/26)

-Gamepad is now stable, and bugs related to sticks, buttons as well as inputs have been fixed.

-Shutendoji is defaulted to left facing.

-Prevented entry into other areas during Doji fight. Lengthened the long form dialogue box significantly.

-'Black box' glitch eradicated in areas where found.

-Made it so that in menus that allow for it, the down face button (A on Xbox, X on PS) is confirm, and the right face button (B on xbox, O on PS) is cancel. Fix quick key config, for the interface and to make sure confirming makes everything work. CJ-Bat is now 40/120/360 damage per swing. In addition, swinging the bat holds Seraphine in place for a half second. Changed how mid-conversation scene changes work, slightly (The moment the time scale becomes 1 again, it triggers. Formerly, they was based on page advance button presses.)

Gauges for ammunition and crisis trigger duration (when active for Awareness, Mercy, Patience) are more visible.

Eliminated a narrow area in the east part of D-12.

Removed 'mid-game zoom', as it caused problems with visibility and refuses to work with Linux.

In most cases, especially on ground, enemy bullet speed has been capped at 30 unless heavily telegraphed.

Forced a .5 second message timer cooldown after getting equipment.

Added a zoning cooldown of 1 second that requires you not to fire in order to tick down, before entering a new area. Also, require a button press (clearly marked) to enter an area.

Maintained speed while strafing on the ground.


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